Review: Paper Aeroplanes

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Dawn O’Porter has crafted her story of teenage friendship so precisely and with such detail, almost everyone that has been a teenage girl will be able to relate to it. For me she really captured what it is like.

When we look back on high school friendships, they seem fickle and tenuous. But what Dawn captures is their importance at the time. The heightened teenage emotions prevail in the girls’ friendship through the extremes of joy and betrayal.

Interestingly, Dawn used her own teenage diaries for inspiration. I think the language she uses has a real truth to it. I know the way I spoke about my friends and family in my diaries would have been very similar and so aspects of the book seem authentic in that they are validated by the realism of the language.

It was Paper Aeroplanes that reminded me of parts of my teenage self, which I am certain I would otherwise have forgotten about. I am pleased for the opportunity for self-reflection from this novel and the realisation of how much I have changed, as I am sure we all have.

The girls grow through high school together enduring life defining lessons. Paper Aeroplanes is a heart warming story and shows us all the importance of strong friendships, however old we are.

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